Wittersham Hash

Beautiful countryside views

My aim  in 2017 is to try new things and embrace every minute and that lead to me saying yes!, when our friends asked if we wanted to run their 5 mile Hash!
Hash, I hear you say, what is that? The very question we never asked until this morning, with five minutes left until we headed out, daft right?!
A Hash is a fun run with a difference and ours was mainly cross country. Nigel and Chris our hosts, had been out in the morning and marked our route with flour circles, flour arrows and flour dots, thankfully it didn’t rain. The aim is to work together as a group and follow the arrows and the dots and when you reach a circle of flour, this normally means the trail can go one of two or three ways, so ┬árunners set off in the different directions and call when they find three dots of flour, then everyone heads off in that direction. So although the run is five miles you can land up running further and most importantly you rub part of the flour circle away showing slower runners and walkers which way to head.

Our run took us through fields with sheep, woodlands, orchards and a few quiet country lanes and only a little head scratching when we missed a marker. The lovely surprise was the drinks stop around 1.5 miles from the finish, never has a glass of mulled wine and hot sausage roll ever tasted so good and very much appreciated before we headed for the last push for home.

Which way now?

It was a great way to spend a few hours, in the great outdoors, with young and old and our four legged friends and a new experience that I hope to enjoy again.

I can’t thank our hosts, Chris and Nigel enough, as when we reached the finish, hot food and refreshments were waiting and hit the spot perfectly.

I’m often asked how I stay motivated, which is another blog but if I learnt anything today, it was, say yes more often and ask questions later.

Have you tried anything new in 2017? I’d love to hear your stories.

Pit stop – Mulled wine & hot sausage rolls