Weekly List

Weekly List

As you read this, I will be sitting on a sun lounger, reading my latest library book, enjoying the sunshine, sorry to gloat! I often book a couple of weeks away at this time of year with my OH, as the winter sun gets me through the worse of the UK winter and I miss all the pre Christmas hype, which I hate.

I’m still reading, Erin McKean’s – The secret lives of dresses. I normally read a book a week but last minute work due to my holiday, has left me too tired most evenings, to read more than a couple of pages.

This week I have been listening to Ferne Cotton on Radio 1, glad to have her back after her holiday last week.

I will be drinking cocktails, working my way through the hotels list, in the name of quality control obviously!

I will be wearing flip-flops and flippers, perfect beach attire and the tropical fish, love watching me trying to adapt to their environment, which I have been promised is beautiful.

I will be enjoying palm trees and tropical blooms, a pleasant contrast to my garden in the UK.

Have a great week, I hope the weather treats you kindly and I look forward to catching up on my return.