Weekly List

Weekly List

Well, winter has finally reared its ugly head and here on the south coast we have been battered by strong winds and lashings of rain. Thankfully the wood pile is stocked, the heating oil is ordered, think I am ready.

I’m reading, Erin McKean’s – The secret lives of dresses. As I occasionally buy second hand clothes from Vintage and Charity shops and I love the idea that every item has a story to tell. I am enjoying the book immensely.

This week I have been listening to Take That and enjoying the nostalgia of the old tracks and their last album.

I have been drinking milk, but after the latest health claims, I am going to knock that on the head and go back to the calorific wine, sometimes you cannot win!.

I have been wearing my tan leather knee high boots and splashing through the puddles.

In the garden, I have been enjoying the fallen leaves, the vibrant colours and the pleasure I get from raking them into a pile and then jumping into them setting them flying before remembering I am an adult.

Keep warm, embrace the seasons and don’t forget to drop by next week, for an update.