Weekly List

Weekly List

Not sure about spring clean, this last week I seemed to embarked on autumn clean. Tackling jobs I have put off all summer and some I meant to start, like decorating the landing, so full scale wall paper stripping in progress.

This week has seen me visiting the library again, becoming a regular in my lunch hour. There is a good reason for this, for starters my OH, has told me, the house will collapse under the weight of books, if I buy anymore and secondly, if you don’t use your library, you may lose it.  I’m reading, How to fall in love by Cecelia Ahern. Its an odd start but I am enjoying the flow and I have a feeling its going to be very good.

This week I have been listening to silence. Unusual for me, as always find music helps me work but this week, I have enjoyed the quiet. Rowdy music and out of tune singing will resume as normal next week.

I have been drinking wine, to celebrate me completing my second duathlon and a PB by nearly 10 minutes.

I have been wearing my pumps, giving my calves a break after the cross country hilly runs, in the duathlon.

In the garden, I have been enjoying the seed heads and foliage, natures sculptures and delighting me still.

Seed heads - Autumn garden

As the week draws to end, the pleasure of an extra hour in bed or an extra hour to get chores done. Me I will be spending mine on my bike, as a sportive to complete before my holiday. Whether you are out enjoying the great outdoors or snuggled up in bed, enjoy.