Weekly List

Weekly List

Autumn seems to have finally arrived and with it my need to hibernate. The chimney has been swept, the woodburner cleaned and the logs have arrived, I seem to have everything I need.

This week I have at last finished ‘Mr Fox’ by Helen Oyeyemi I think it will be the last time I read this particular author, as previously mentioned, I find her books slightly bizarre and this one didn’t change that opinion, sadly for me.

I have been listening to Heart Fm and enjoying the mix of old and new music.

I have been drinking strawberries and cream protein milkshake , helping to restore my muscles from all the training again this week. This one is quite yummy and normally these shakes can make me gag!

I have been wearing my Vivo barefoot trail shoes on my training runs, as the weather has turned rather murky and wet.

In the garden, I have been enjoying the berries, fabulous splashes of red in amongst the autumnal coloured leaves.

Have a good week all and thanks for dropping by and don’t forget to share, especially if you have read a good book lately, as heading off on holiday soon and need to sort my holiday reading.