Weekly List

Weekly List

There has been a definite autumnal feel to the mornings this week and while I love all seasons, I don’t feel ready to say goodbye to the summer just yet!

I am reading, The Neighbour by Lisa Gardner, more intense than my last couple of reads and I do love a good thriller to try and solve before the end.

I have been listening to Radio 4, which is a first for me. I have been busy decorating my hallway and whilst gloss painting, listening to Scandavian dramas, they have been rather good.

I have been drinking coffee and rather too much, if I am honest. Work is quite full on at the moment and the caffeine boost, is keeping me focused and on task.

I have been wearing my innov trainers and cycling shoes, as I up my brick sessions before my duathlon in October.

I have been enjoying the butterflies in the garden this week. I know they aren’t a plant but they have been bringing me lots of pleasure, as they flit between the fruit trees and the fading blooms. Its amazing how the transformation from caterpillar makes them a thing of beauty and the destruction in the garden is forgotten.


I hope you have all had a productive week and are looking forward to the week ahead. Thanks for dropping by and don’t forget to share.