Weekly List

Weekly List

I am reading a new novel this week, the last one took me a little longer to finish due to the small print, very tiring on the eyes. This read, is a light and easy read after the deep, meaningful novel, The Teashop on the Corner by Milly Johnson.

I am listening to our Ami Continental jukebox and the soulful songs of Otis Redding, The Ethiopians, Elvis Presley, all on 45rpm vinyl. The sound cannot be beaten in my opinion and if you follow me on Instagram, you will have the pleasure of seeing my short video of my nieces dancing to the sound.

I am wearing my ballet pumps, as there seems to have been a lot of walking during my weeks holiday.

I am drinking coffee, way too much but enjoying the smell and the comfort it gives me as I take time to enjoy an afternoon read or catch up on twitter or Instagram.

In the garden I am enjoying the changes of colours from the foliage, as the cooler nights take there toil and we move into a more Autumnal feel.

I hope you have all had a good week & don’t forget to share, what you are enjoying this week.