Weekly List

This week has been so busy with work, that finding time to enjoy my music, garden and latest read, has been a little harder than usual. The beauty of my weekly list is, that it makes me stop, relax and think, which is something we should all find time to do regularly.

I have been listening to Radio 1 and the Ibiza tunes from their recent weekend, taking me back to my clubbing days, oh yes, I was young once!

I am reading, my latest magazine subscriptions, Red, Country Living and Runners World. I love the beginning of the month, when my happy post arrives.

I am drinking the odd protein shake, as training hard at the moment. I will be honest, they make me want to gag, so trying to find a flavour and blend that works for me. Any suggestions gratefully received.

I am wearing my jewelled yellow flats, from Clarks and making the most of the splash of colour and the sunny weather.

I am enjoying everything about the garden this week. Hard to pick just one flower or plant, as just being able to spend time, in my only little piece of England, is a joy and I feel very lucky to have my own space to relax.

Any good suggestions for summer reads, protein shakes, or new magazines to try, please feel free to share?

Have a good week.