Swimming session

Swim pool session

As you know, I entered my first triathlon in 2013 and loved it. Then injury struck in 2014 and I had to curtail any entries into triathlons, while my achilles recovered. I still managed a few cycling events and ran a few races, but could not help feeling a little disappointed.

My weakness in the sports required for triathlon, has to be the swimming. I am a fairly decent swimmer, but I panic with my breathing when doing the stroke, crawl and run out of breathe, so revert to breaststroke. This year I plan to remedy this and taking my training seriously in 2015, I attended my first swim session with my team.

I joined a local Tri team, Trispirits and they hold a trained swim session every other week. Feeling nervous turning up for the first session last Friday was unnecessary. Luckily there was another first timer and we were put to work together. Swimming a couple of lengths so our technic could be watched and then given drills to work through, with a pull buoy.

I have to say, it was fantastic. I was soon put at ease, encouraged and the hour flew by. At the end of the session, I had areas to work on, before my next trained session. I had gained confidence that I could improve and amazingly I had swum 62 lengths all crawl, the most I have ever swum in one go.

So if you are struggling to take on a new challenge in 2015 and keep putting it off, don’t!

I would love to hear from anyone taking on a new challenge in 2015 and how it is going, so please get in touch.