New Year, new beginning!

For my first post I thought I would start with looking forward and not back. In the last few years, I have realised I waste too much time and energy worrying about things that I can not change and for 2014 I am going to change that. My philosophy is going to be, “Be honest, true and fair” and if that doesn’t set me on the right path, then I will rethink in 2015.

My boys and my hubby come first and they are what make me happiest. They do not judge me, they are proud of my achievements, they love me and most of all, they make me like myself.They value my opinion, well most of the time, and they guide me if they think I am straying from the correct path. We don’t always agree, lively discussions often pepper our evening meals but we all value each others opinion and in my family that can be severely lacking sometimes.

So for 2014, i’m going to run more, spend time with my boys and hubby, volunteer in my village, with their help the ageing scheme and enjoy life – no looking back only forwards. My glass is definitely half full.

Happy new year