My plan’s for 2017

As one year ends a new year begins and endless possibilities await!

For anyone that has read any of my previous posts will know, that I love to run. Now it may surprise a few but I have always wanted to run London Marathon even before I was a runner. Having applied for the last five years and not getting a place, last year I decided, if I was ever going to run 26.2 miles then I needed to find another marathon. As both my son’s live in Brighton & having supported two dear friends run Brighton in 2016, the choice was easy.
Entering was the easy part and the nerves only kicked in after I realised what I had done. My 2016 had been going pretty well & I felt at one of my strongest fitness wise. Then whilst out on a 9 mile regular run, the worse scenario happened, I tore my gastrocnemius on my left leg. That was the end of my racing session & sadly had to skip my last Triathlon of the session which I was really looking forward to.
Anyway to cut a long story short & so that you read to the end, the road to recovery was slow & for the first time I listened to all the experts & followed their advice.
My dear friend planned my running plan for Brighton marathon & took in to account that I was coming back from a bad injury. All along Deb’s & the rest of Tri team had offered their advice & support and with Kerry my sports therapist I was finally back to running. It was all about building the miles up slowly & for the first time running three times a week but mainly easy/steady miles.
As I head into January I am back to 20 miles + a week and enjoying every minute. As the true training starts I am looking forward 2017 with fresh goals & a positive outlook.
Over the next few months I hope to find time to share the high and lows & hopefully encourage others to take up running and set goals.
Happy New Year everyone and here’s to a healthy, fit 2017.