Mac make up lesson – Bluewater – House of Fraser

For ages now, my sister and I have wanted a Mac make up lesson. Neither of us, wears much make up, choosing the less is more option but both very much aware, that we were not making the best of our features, especially our eyes. We wanted to learn how to go from work to evening, with as little fuss as possible & the best way to apply in order for the make up to last all day.

We often visit Bluewater for a little retail therapy and lunch, so decided it would be the best choice for our lesson.  Its very straight forward booking your slot, all you need to do is visit the Mac counter in House of Fraser & they fit the lesson to suit your diary as best as possible. The lesson lasts one hour and it is worth knowing that the make up artist does one side of your face & you mirror her for the other side. It is not  a make over, you have your part to play, after all it is a lesson. The cost of the lesson is £50 but at the end of your hour, you have the option of purchasing the products used & they deduct the £50 lesson fee, from your purchases, win win we thought.

You start off, with a chat, asking what you are hoping to achieve from the lesson and an explanation of how the session will work. I thought I might feel very self conscious sitting in front of the highly lit mirrors, with people walking by but I didn’t. Once the lesson started I was concentrating & listening carefully and  very tempted to sit there with my pen & notebook & take notes. I think the hardest part was mirroring the artists way of applying, having to try & undo the way I had applied make up for years. For starters I had never seen so many make up brushes & learning what each one is used for was an eye opener in itself.

At the end of our hour long lesson, with lighter purses and a few more brushes to add to our collection, we both felt the lesson had been very worthwhile and our make up artists very patient and informative. We both like Mac products, which was why we choose to have our lesson with them but you could choose any leading make up brand and the experience would be very similar.

Of course. after the lesson we were exhausted from the concentration, so made our way to our favourite lunch spot and a glass or two of Prosecco.