Learning to let go

G heading off on his Thailand adventure

You would think, having already had one son, who has successfully survived his gap year travels, second time round would be easier. Well it isn’t.

Son No 2 is my baby & always wanting to be different to his older brother, he is travelling alone. He has decided to give 3 weeks of his travel, working for a charity, which is fantastic but he is still traveling to a country alone & exploring solo. As a parent we never stop worrying but if he was going with a friend, I would at least be in a better place. G on the other hand, is looking forward to making new friends, mingling with the locals & having no ties.

He is going to be in a remote mountain jungle community, working with the village people, to install clean water. He is working for The Karen Hill Tribe charity.

I know because of my eldest, we are lucky that we have Skype & social media to keep in touch, thank goodness for ‘WhatsApp”. But as a mum, its the feeling in the pit of my stomach, that says if he needs me, I can’t be there, does that feeling ever leave us?
I know he will have a great experience & as a parent we have to let them go & allow them to fly free but its not always easy.

Feel free to share your gap year travels, children & parents, hopefully they will make me feel better.