Graduation suit shopping

Much needed drinks stop on Brighton seafront after a successful shop


Three years have flown by for me but not for my eldest, who has been studying hard for his degree. We are a very close family and having your first child leave home, to begin his uni life, is another blog, for another time but now I am faced with Graduation.

On one of our many Google+ chats, he asked if I would go suit shopping with him. Now this filled me with dread, as unlike his brother, my eldest is not a fan of shopping. The last time I took him school shoe shopping, was a huge chore, he is not easy to buy for. So when the list extended to smart shoes, tie, shirt & suit, I will admit, I began to wonder how coffee & cake stops would be too many to get me through the day.

The sunny day dawned & I headed to Brighton to begin my ordeal, picking up said son on the way. Thankfully, being very organised like his mum, he had looked at a few shops online & decided our first stop would be Burton.

Suit selection Zef

Burton Suit








Believe it or not, two suits later, two pairs of smart shoes, two shirts & a tie, we were finished. Yes, one shop, one stop, one big result. We were expertly assisted by the lovely Julia (deserves an award for customer service & patience). She grabbed different sizes, longer jackets, suggested shirt choices and was so attentive, I felt like we had a personal shopper.

Suit No 1 - looking goodSuit shopping Zef JPG

Whether we were lucky or our timing was perfect, but the suit choice and special offers available, made it very easy for us. It may have something to do with prom season & graduation’s but the ordeal I was dreading, turned out to be very pleasurable. The quality, the finish & the little touches, left us feeling very happy with our choices.

Suit jacket detail

Suit hanky detailNow, to look forward to Graduation day & what I am going to wear, help!!