Face Masks

Superdrug Face masks

Have you noticed how hard it is to get face masks these days? Yes, its easy to find face scrubs in Boots and other outlets but face masks, seem to be missing from the shelves. Thankfully after a coffee filled shopping session with my sis, we got to discussing this predicament that faced us. She had discovered that Superdrugs still stocked them and had a good selection, they almost sounded good enough to eat. After noticing they had a promotion if you bought more than one, I stocked up.

There is something quite soothing about lazy weekends, listening to the radio in bed, with a coffee and good book and something sadly I don’t do often enough. There is a memory I have from my childhood of Sundays morning with my mother and applying mud masks, Im not sure how often we did it but I do recall giggling, as they hardened and trying to pull faces.

Today I used Superdrugs, Superfruits Exfoliating Mask, ideal for all skin types and claims to deeply purify the pores and smooth. Something I felt I needed, as a slight outbreak of the odd pimple here and there, which I have put down to my poor diet this week and as I am on holiday, I am relaxing. It smelt divine, containing raspberry, cranberry and blueberry extracts, I would imagine that combination would make a good smoothie. It went on easily and was thick and creamy feeling. I left it on until it dried, as the packet suggested and then rinsed with warm water and patted dry.

Face mask

After applying moisturiser, my skin felt a little tighter and smooth. The pimples have dried out nicely and tempted as I was to dab them with a tea tree oil, I resisted. I will definitely be buying this one again and look forward to working my way through the rest of the lush titled masks.