Christmas 2014


Christmas treeUs on the beach 25th Dec 2014Boys 25th Dec 2014

For some, this time of year brings endless lists and panic. For me, it means spending time with my family and enjoying where I live.
Yes, I have the usual card writing, present wrapping, cake making but I decided a few years ago, to stop, take a breath and relax. The problem is, if you get caught up in having the ‘perfect’ Christmas, you miss the whole point of the holiday. Spending quality time with the one’s you love.
For me, Christmas begins, when my son’s returning home, from uni and this year work, as my eldest graduated. My eldest loves to decorate the Christmas tree with me, which I treasure, as at 22, I’m not sure how many more years I’ll have left of that.
The beauty of grown up children, is my OH and I know, we won’t be woken at 4am, for the rummage in the Christmas stocking. So we have a civilised waking time, a pleasant relaxed breakfast, followed by the un wrapping of the presents around the tree. Don’t get me wrong, when my sons were young I loved the magic and early morning too, but with older children, Christmas takes on a different meaning.
Then, turkey in the oven, a reminder not to forget vegetarian son’s alternative and we coat up, ready for our Christmas walk on our beach. Ever since moving to our home 17 years ago, we have always had a family tradition of walking on our beach Christmas day before lunch, whatever the weather. This year was a beautiful sunny, crisp day and it looked like lots of others shared our tradition and decided to get outside.
Once home, turkey out and then buck fizz for all, to toast ‘family & Christmas’.
We have a leisurely dinner, starter, main and desert, with plenty of cracker pulling, joke groaning, fizz drinking and just enjoying each others company.

This is what Christmas is to me and if the potatoes overcook, or the brussel sprouts are soggy, I don’t care, it may not be perfect but it’s my kind of perfect, without the stress and with the people I care about the most.